About Destiny Lilly

I am a casting director and theater director in New York City.  I cast for film, TV, commercials, and theatre.  I have worked on projects for ABC, Spike TV, Comedy Central, PBS, the Ensemble Studio Theatre, Looking Glass Theatre, The Classical Theatre of Harlem, American Airlines, Reebok, Nike, and many more.  My company, Destiny Casting, has quickly established itself as a new and unique player on the New York casting scene. I believe the casting process can be a positive experience for those on both sides of the table, and I hope to promote greater understanding between actors and casting professionals.

4 thoughts on “About Destiny Lilly

  1. Melissa Green says:

    Hello, My name is Melissa Green and I am a young but experienced actress. Is it possible to mail, or mail my head shot to your department for consideration on any projects you see fit?

    Melissa Green

  2. Julie Garibaldi says:

    How can get closer to you? I’m interested in all NYC has to offer. I study with SuSan Vatson and I think after two yeArs, I’ve done enough for now. Time to work more, play less.

    Please advise.

    Metropolis Talent and Don Buchwald have me in their hands now.

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