Amy Schumer Used to be My Neighbor or Why We Should All Go See Trainwreck this Weekend

Little known fact: Amy Schumer used to live in the apartment next to mine. if you’re looking for crazy stories or salacious gossip, look elsewhere. She was really nice and quiet and pleasant to be around (sorry!) She was always friendly when we crossed paths in that somewhat decrepit, way under market Upper West Side building. Now we’ve both moved on and she is starring in her first major Hollywood movie!!! Now, if the fact that she was a nice neighbor who only once asked me to turn the TV down (it was like 3am) isn’t enough to convince you that we should all go see Trainwreck this weekend, how about the fact that Trainwreck is one of few major studio release of the summer that features a women in the lead role.

Melissa McCarthy’s lead performance in Spy is one of the only other major studio release of the summer with a woman in the lead role. You might count Amy Poehler in Inside Out, even though it’s more of an ensemble. Right before the summer, Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara starred in the forgettable Hot Pursuit, but that’s pretty much it (not discount smaller releases like Far from the Madding Crowd and A Little Chaos but that’s not what we’re talking about today).

Trainwreck is in theatres this weekend.

So here’s the thing, we (women, film goers, people who like art) always say that we want to see more women in lead roles, but then we don’t actually go see the female lead films. These films need to make money in order to stir further interest in female lead films. We need to put our money where our collective mouth is. So if you don’t think you’ll like it or if you’re worried about the gender politics or you don’t like Lebron James, who cares? Go see Trainwreck, take your friends, and support my nice former neighbor who also happens to be an amazing talent. Amy wins and we all win!

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