Friday Netflix Film Festival: Reel Women

I’m starting a new feature! The Friday Netflix Film Festival will highlight a specific actor, director, genre, or movement. I will guide you through a starter course in that subject and whet your appetite for more diverse films and TV shows! Spend the weekend watching these awesome films.

First Up: Reel Women- A festival for people who like complex female characters

Ladies are at the forefront of these 10 films that run the gamut from heart breakers to knee slappers. These stories of fully-realized women, real and fictional, will make you notice how many films lack women of substance.

All About Eve: One of the greatest films about the theatre, this gem is worth watching or re-watching. The women are fantastic, and the dialogue crackles with wit.

An Unmarried Woman: One of my favorite films of all time. This funny and fresh film tells the story of a woman who finds herself in the wake of her divorce.

Baby Boom: A twisty version of a familiar tale about a business woman who finds herself taking care of a baby. What makes this film so fun is Diane Keaton’s detailed performance.

Beyond the Lights: This was one of my favorite films from last year. Gugu Mbatha-Raw gives a stunning  and vibrant performance as a pop singer with a demanding mother and a chance at romance.

What Happened Miss Simone? A new documentary about activist and artist Nina Simone who didn’t mince words and didn’t stand for disrespectful behavior.

Jackie Brown: This movie is the bomb. Pam Grier controls this wild ride with her humor, intelligence, and vulnerability. It’z zany, violent, and romantic.

Fish Tank: A tough, teenage outsider grows close to her mother’s new boyfriend.  I really don’t tend to like coming-of-age films but this one is filled with unexpected and poignant performances.

Girlfight: Michelle Rodriguez’s break through performance still shines in the rough and tumble kick-ass film.

Never on Sunday: Melina Mercouri gives one of the best performances ever in this near perfect film about a vibrant woman who happens to be a prostitute.

How to Marry a Millionaire: Betty Grable, Lauren Bacall, and Marilyn Monroe charm the pants off some unsuspecting fellas in this fun romp.

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