Why I Love Sleepy Hollow

Some of you may be watching the new Fox show Sleepy Hollow. If you’re not, here’s the premise, Ichabod Crane wakes up from a coma/ spell 200 plus years after the American Revolution and works with a sexy police lieutenant to save the world from the Headless Horseman (who happens to be just one of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse). Ridiculous! Preposterous! I love it!

As Ichabod, Tom Mison is delicious. He strikes a delicate balance of humor and righteousness. The writing is strong especially in relation to Ichabod’s fish out of water situations. As Lieutenant Abbie Mills, Nicole Beharie shines. She’s tough, witty, and sexy but she also has a dark side. The show also features Orlando Jones (yes, it’s okay to have two black people on a show who aren’t related) and a host of talented newcomers and lesser-known names.20131105-134758.jpg

I enjoy it because it’s a lot of fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, but there’s also an intriguing mystery there and some cool treats for history buffs.The guest stars are out of this world: James Frain, John Noble (Fringe fans rejoice), and John Cho just to name a few.

The acting is just spot on. Mison and Beharie bring sparkle and spice to every scene. It’s commendable that Fox took a chance on the amazing but not super-well-known Beharie and even more daring that they embraced the even lesser-known Mison. It looks like those gambles have paid off because Sleepy Hollow already has a strong following. What I take away is that sometimes you have to go out on a limb when it comes to casting. Follow your gut and go with the best person for the role who might not necessarily be the biggest name.

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