Banner Year for Black Movies

I’m not the first to take notice and I won’t be the last, but as a fan of both movies and black people, I am pretty ecstatic to see such a range of black films this year. For years, I’ve been bemoaning the lack of opportunities for black actors in Hollywood, and although the level of representation isn’t perfect, there does seem to be a trend toward more quality films featuring black actors. I’m also impressed by the range of black films this year: historical dramas, romantic comedies, and contemporary urban stories are all on display.

mother of george

I think (and hope) this trend is the first step in a lasting shift toward Hollywood films that are more representative of contemporary America. Although many of these films didn’t originate in Hollywood, they’ve all received (or will receive) national distribution and many are available On Demand which will hopefully bring black films to new untapped audiences. I’m also happy to see this increase in black movies go hand-in-hand with the release of Instructions Not Included and other Spanish language films set in the United States. I’m an optimist, so my ultimate hope is that one day soon, the release of this number and quality of black films won’t be considered extraordinary, it will simply be expected.

Mother of George

12 Years a Slave

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete

Blue Caprice

Baggage Claim

The Best Man Holiday

Black Nativity

The Butler

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

Fruitvale Station

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