How to express yourself in 50 words or less!

ImageThis week’s question comes from New York actor Ben Hauck:

When a casting website allows only so many characters, what should be said in an online submission?

Ben, this is a tough question without specifics, but I’ll give it a go. In general, you should always keep notes to casting directors short and sweet. If you have limited space, get your main points across. If the notice asks for specific skills, always note that you do indeed have those skills. You have no idea how many times a notice will specify something like “Fluent French Speakers Only” and people who don’t speak a lick of French will still respond.

Always just get to the point. What are the three most important skills or qualities that you possess that make you right for this role and separate you from others responding? Figure out what those are and you’ll be set. Also, this should go without saying but apparently needs to be said: be nice, articulate, and use spell check!

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