Do you come off crazy?

Actors can be intense people with big personalities, and that is awesome.  I love working with creative people from all fields and big personalities are just a part of the job.  However, sometimes your personality can get in the way.  I always encourage actors to be themselves when they enter the room for an audition, but sometimes your personality can talk you right out of a job.  Here are some tips:

Actions speak louder than words

If you’re a naturally talkative person, just pull it back a bit when you come in for an audition.  Show us that you are pleasant and fun by smiling and engaging us with a greeting, but that’s it.  Don’t tell us your life story or ask a bunch of questions. Don’t try to turn the tables, you are the one auditioning.  Just greet the panel, follow whatever directions they give you, do your thing, and leave. 

Let your freak flag fly at half mast

That is to say, don’t be a big weirdo. Sometimes when you’re nervous, you might come off a bit stand offish or even surly. You may seem aloof or a bit anti-social.  Work to break through those nerves so you don’t seem  too strange. I get it: some actors are socially awkward. If that’s the case: act like you’re not.

Don’t push  your luck

Seriously, don’t ask if you’re going to get the part.  Don’t call or email constantly to get status updates.  It just makes you seem desperate.  After the audition, you just have to let it go.  Actors have lost the job after the audition because they were all over me with phone calls and emails.  You don’t want to look unstable or like a stalker, so back off.

Let your personality work for you, not against you.  Be engaging, professional, and just try to act like a relatively normal person.  Remeber, we’re not just casting the role; we’re also casting the person we want to spend the next 5 days, 6 weeks, or 3 months with.

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