How to romance a casting director

Every time an actor walks in the audition room, I’m hoping he or she will be the one.  Just like going on a first date, there is a nervous energy on both sides.   I’m hoping to see something special, extraordinary, unique.  I want to hear the words I’ve heard all day in a new and different way.   If you’re amazing, I look good and you help me solve a problem.  So each time an actor walks in the room, I hope to get butterflies.  If the actor bombs, it makes the casting director look bad (believe me, we want you to be good), and the whole situation becomes an uncomfortable mess.  It’s like going on a date with someone and discovering in the first 30 seconds that you have nothing in common.

It’s all about chemistry, not so much between me and the actor (even though that’s important as well).  The real chemistry needs to be between the actor and the role.  Everybody loves to watch a love story.  Think of it like dating.  If you come in on the first date, and you look shabby and frumpy, your date isn’t going to be impressed.  If you seem disinterested and aloof, your date isn’t going to want to see you again.  If you’re confident and charming, your date will want to learn more about you and find out what makes you tick.  If you look good, and have a slight air of mystery, your date will be even more enchanted.  If you intrigue me and leave me wanting more, the chances are that you will get a callback.

So in many ways, the rules of dating apply to auditioning as well.  Be yourself.  Be kind & polite.  Be charming and a little mysterious.  Listen.  Share something of yourself (but not everything).  Look good.  Show up on time, and be prepared.  Make us fall in love with you (and your acting) by showing a real commitment.  Make it clear that you want to be involved in the project, so if we call you back we know you won’t leave us hanging.  If you seem interested and you are intesting, the chances are that you’ll get a second date.

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